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In its early days, Frankston was essentially a small fishing village with anglers living in tents or shacks on or near the foreshore. Frankston was an isolated place in the mid 1850s- Only a dusty ol’ 6 hour track (later to become Nepean HWY)  separated the city of Melbourne & Frankston, with almost nothing in-between.

Between 1881 & 1891, the township expanded from 173 people in 29 houses to 794 people in 160 houses. The high price of rail fares from Melbourne meant Frankston was a far too distant destination to benefit from the Melbourne housing boom & tourism.

“Frankston Park” became the home of the Frankston Football Club, which in 1881 was nothing more than parkland surrounded by a hedge. In 1929 a road (kars street) was constructed, separating what is now known as Beauty Park & the Frankston Oval we know today. In 1937 a timber grandstand was erected as well as an iron gate entrance (originally part of the Melbourne Gaol) & Frankston Park became the premier sports ground in the region.

In 1887 the Frankston Football Club was formed. It is believed that J,C “Jack” Sadleir was the founder of the club & was instrumental in the clubs development as both a player & administrator. The first reported Frankston Match in 1887 was against Mornington. Frankston won the game by 4 goals to Nil.

The Frankston Jumper we know today originated from Jack Sadleir who moved to Frankston from the Essendon District team. With him he brought a black with red sash guernsey. In the early years & right into the mid 1900s Frankston was known as the “Red and Blacks.”

In 1966 Frankston separates to form two clubs. Frankston (Later to become Frankston Dolphins) join the VFA, & Frankston Peninsula (Later to become Frankston Bombers) who continue to play in the MPFL.

In 1975 Frankston Peninsula & Frankston Rovers amalgamate to become the Frankston Bombers Football Club. In 1981 the new clubrooms at Baxter Park are opened.

Netball is introduced in 2010 & the club becomes the Frankston Bombers Football Netball Club. Renovations to the Baxter rooms begin in 2014 & officially opened in 2017 as well as the introduction of a Women’s Football side.

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